Created in 1787, Domaine Touchais is one of the oldest wine domaine in Anjou and it is still one of the most traditional properties in the Loire Valley today.

The same ancestral methods have been used over the generations, both in the vineyards and in the winery, in order to create the fine sweet white wines for laying down for which the domaine is renowned.

Back at the end of the Second World War, Joseph Touchais decided that, after bottling the wines immediately after the winter, he would age them in the cellars for at least ten years before releasing them for sale, in order to let time do its work. This long ageing allows the wines to develop a wonderful character in the bottle while preserving the freshness of their youth.

Today, the domaine is one of the few (or maybe the only one!) to offer such a wide range of vintages, which are often 30 to 40 years old, or even older. Down in the domaine’s impressive underground cellars in Doué la Fontaine, there is one of the finest and oldest stocks of wine in the world.

Through the wines’ balance and freshness, the domaine seeks to express the quintessence of its appellation.

The wines also possess the power and sumptuousness typical of the finest of fine wines.

Moulin Touchais - Illustration
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